I'm a comedian. I also read comics. Sometimes, things in comics whether it be particular issues, storylines, mythology, related media from movies to TV shows etc. make me laugh. And I rant about it to my friends. Well, now I'm putting those riffs here. To share with the interwebs. Aren't you lucky, interwebs?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

America Runs on Dunkin'

Today I learned a fun fact:

The Captain America movie is using Dunkin Donuts as a movie tie in promo. Excuse me? You're telling me that you're using fried dough with frosting and sugars that have more calories in one than a person should consume in a day, to promote a movie about a guy who is the example of human perfection?

So you're telling me that Captain America eats donuts that are shaped like stars with white vanilla frosting, red, white and blue sprinkles filled with artificial fruit flavored goo?

Who's plan was this? Don't believe me? I have photographic evidence.

Also being sold is a limited time only collectors cup. It has three different parts for drinking from, as they fill it with Red, White and Blue Coolatta drinks. Red is Cherry, Blue is Blue Raspberry and White is Vanilla bean. The drink doesn't work well, and tastes awful. The vanilla is way too artificial like I'm drinking bath and body works soap. The cup is pretty much useless in the future, unlike the 7/11 slurpee cups from Iron Man and Thor promotion.

But it looks real cool. I'll use it as a pencil/pen holder.

Well, think about it. But not too much.

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