I'm a comedian. I also read comics. Sometimes, things in comics whether it be particular issues, storylines, mythology, related media from movies to TV shows etc. make me laugh. And I rant about it to my friends. Well, now I'm putting those riffs here. To share with the interwebs. Aren't you lucky, interwebs?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

All in the X-Family

I heard recently (having dropped X-Men a few years ago for lack of ability to financially keep up with their books) that Rogue and Magneto are a couple. This makes sense, because she's always kind of hero worshipped him... as brought to my attention by a friend. I get it, and I'm not particularly bothered by it.

I'm more amused with how that family dinner would go. Introducing the new girlfriend to your adult kids with problems of their own.

"Wanda, Pietro, you remember Rogue. She's going to be your new step-mom."

Magneto-cent. The words "no more mutants" comes to mind...

Think about it, but not too much.

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